The Slot Machine

There are more losers than winners in gambling and yet people gamble continuously. Is money the main reason or is there something more? Though money is the primary reason the adrenaline rush when you win a jackpot and the experience of being a winner is more potent than any other drug in the world.

What are these methods or system that these gamblers use and why are those methods not made public? It is obviously not possible for the successful gamblers to reveal their strategies and techniques. Each game is different and the strategies you use for Roulette might not work of blackjack. So, many people resort to playing the slot machine – a no-brainer according to many.

The slot machine is one game that is immensely popular. People like to spin and wait expectantly for the result. IT is a misconception that the player has no control over the game will turn out and whether he or she will win or lose. Well in reality that is not how slot machines work.

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Why are some more successful than the rest

So, what makes some people more successful than the rest? Is it luck or is there something more? It is not possible that someone can be lucky all the time. so, there must be some system in place which the experienced gambler knows about and utilizes to win each time he or she plays.

If you want the cash register to start ringing when you play the slot machine here are a few tricks to help you. with the help of these tips your chances of winning increase significantly. But for your methods to work you need patience and determination to stick to the tactics.

There is always a pattern – identify it

When you identify the pattern and work around it, you will have more control over your loses. One of the first rules of the game is to bet at the lowest available. If you continue to lose after a couple of spins, increase by one and if you win decrease by one. This is not a foolproof method of success but this is a strategic method of maintaining your currency and minimizing loses. This strategy requires several trials and lots of patience.

Determine the payout percentage

When you understand what is the percentage of payout at a certain machine your chances of encountering a win become higher. Not all slot machines function the same way; each machine has its own program which runs differently and this determines the payout which in turn is designed based on standard payout rates.

Small jackpots pay

It is human nature to want everything big and similarly wish to win the big jackpots on the slot machines. But you must realize that the chances of payout are more on smaller jackpot slots because a majority of the money fed into the bigger jackpots is used to fund the smaller ones. Thus the risk of winning a bigger jackpot is higher. At the same time if you do win then the payout is definitely better than that of the small ones.